You Have Options!

First you need to decide what service you would like Sports Printz to provide your high school team.  We have both Traditional and Green Screen Services.


Traditional Photo Day

A photo day is selected & photos are taken on location using available backgrounds such as a football field or gym or using available studio photo backdrops.

Traditional Individual Photos

We give each player a choice of poses with the help of our Pick-A-Pose chart using available school background or studio backdrops.

Traditional Team Photos

Our staff has years of experience in organizing and proper placement of players to ensure quality group photos also using available background or studio backdrops.

Advantages of Green Screen!

Green Screen Individuals

Green screen is photographed while using and indoor controlled environment.

• Controlled Indoor Environment
• Small Area Requirements (no need for a field or gym)
• Allows us to offer the best products on the market!

Photographing individuals using green screen gives you perfect lighting, pose and the perfect shot every time. Not worrying about the outside elements makes it a more comfortable experience for players and coaching staff.

Green Screen Teams

No need arranging players for the team photo on photo day. It always seems like someone is out of place or looking in the wrong direction. Using green screen for teams allows us to offer the perfect team photo every time creating a virtual team photo using our Xtreme Team graphics. Green screen allows us to take the shot of each player and arrange them in the perfect way. It also allows us to rearrange, add or remove players as needed. Many different Xtream Team graphics to choose from.

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